E-Visits and Video Visits

Get the medical care you need without coming to the doctor's office!

We offer our his established patients E-Visits and Video Visits - a new way to get the medical care you need from wherever you are.

An OhioHealth MyChart account is required to use E-Visits or Video Visits. By using MyChart, your medical information is always securely protected.


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About E-Visits

  • E-Visits are for these non-urgent medical conditions: back pain, cough, eye redness, indigestion & heartburn, urinary problems, cold & sinus, diarrhea, headache, tired (fatigue) and vaginal discharge/irritation.
  • Log into your OhioHealth MyChart account anytime 24/7 and select E-Visit. Complete a questionnaire about your symptoms, verify your insurance and medications and submit to Dr. Sears.
  • We will reply with a treatment plan within one business day or a request to see you in person.
  • E-Visits are $20 and will be billed to credit card.

About Video Visits

  • When you call us for an appointment, our office specialist may suggest a Video Visit as an alternative to an in-person office visit.
  • A Video Visit is a private, real time video appointment with your physician securely online.
  • Video Visits are available for non-urgent medical conditions when a physical exam isn’t needed.
  • Your video visit appointment can be accessed through your MyChart account from a mobile device (Android smartphone or Apple iPhone or iPad with iOS 7.1 or newer). A Windows mobile device or a PC is unsupported for a video visit at this time.
Click here to download the E-Visit Step-by-Step Guide

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